Logging Made Easy

CISA’s newest tool is a free and open logging and protective monitoring solution serving all organizations. Secure your Windows-based equipment today with Logging Made Easy.
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Logging Made Easy (LME) is CISA’s reimagined version of an internationally well-known log management toolset, which offers a reliable, no-cost centralized log management solution. LME is the perfect option for those organizations hampered by limited resources and currently lacking a comparable capability.

LME first gained attention as a free and open solution designed and managed by the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre. Its purpose was to help organizations detect breaches and fix vulnerabilities through real-time visibility into device activity, health and configuration. 

CISA’s reimagined version functions much in the same way as the original LME. It serves as a security information and event management capability for those organizations currently lacking one, arming the most vulnerable members of the cybersecurity community with a critical capability that will alert administrators of potentially harmful activity on their systems.

Gradual changes and enhancements to the service will occur over time, based on public feedback and operational priorities. For now, LME is limited to on-premises, Windows-based systems. LME is available through CISA's GitHub

Disclaimer: LME does not collect any personal or other information from its users. As a federally backed program, we prioritize transparency and privacy.

LME Fact Sheet and FAQ

To learn more about LME, explore the downloadable resources below. 

Logging Made Easy Fact Sheet

Logging Made Easy Frequently Asked Questions