Facility Security Committee Workshop

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The Interagency Security Committee (ISC) developed the Facility Security Committee (FSC) Workshop to improve the capacity for FSCs to perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities. This in-person workshop provides instructor-led training, videos, tabletop exercises, and templates and examples. The workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of the FSC by offering any of the five modules outlined below. The FSC Workshop is offered at no cost to participants.

FSC Workshop Modules:

  • Module 1 Facility Security Committee Roles and Responsibilities
    • Review how an FSC is organized, roles and responsibilities, and the procedures required to effectively participate as the Chair or a member of an FSC
  • Module 2 Facility Security Committee Meeting Processes
    • Develop or Revise an FSC Charter and associated FSC protocols (e.g., knowledge management, documenting risk acceptance, etc.)
  • Module 3 Develop/Revise an Occupant Emergency Plan/Program
    • Develop or Revise an Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP)
  • Module 4 Develop/Revise an Active Shooter Preparedness Plan
    • Develop or Revise an Active Shooter Preparedness Plan
  • Module 5 Develop/Revise a Facility Security Plan
    • Develop or Revise a Facility Security Plan

Who Should Attend:

  • FSC Chairs and Designated Officials
  • FSC Members to include representatives from the Security Organization (e.g., Federal Protective Service) and the Owning/Leasing Organization (e.g., General Services Administration)
  • FPS Regional Training Program Managers
  • GSA Regional Office of Mission Assurance Personnel
  • Security/Emergency Management Specialists from the Department or Agency Headquarters (national or regional) who have tenants in the facility
  • Any person involved in making facility funding, leasing, or other risk management decisions

Additional Details

Course Length
1 Day
Host Organization

Interagency Security Committee


To learn more or schedule an FSC Workshop for your department or agency, please reach out to your ISC Regional Advisor or contact the ISC training staff at