K-12 School Security Guide “Train the Trainer” Companion Course

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This video series is designed to provide an overview of the K-12 School Security Guide Product Suite.


The introduction video provides an overview of the concepts and tools featured throughout the train the trainer video series.

Module 1: K-12 School Security Guide

Module 1 offers a high-level overview of the intent and purpose of the K-12 School Security Guide (3rd ed., 2022). 

Module 2: School Security Assessment Tool (SSAT)

Module 2 covers the School Security Assessment Tool (SSAT), a web-based tool that provides a comprehensive physical assessment of K-12 campuses and offers actionable recommendations.

Module 3: K-12 School Security Guide Training Companion

Module 3 details how the K-12 School Security Guide Training Companion can be used to help school personnel understand, and implement, a systems-based approach to physical security on their campuses.

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Protective Security Advisors, personnel from state-level school safety and public safety offices, and others advising school personnel on issues related to safety and security
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