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This training series is designed to help end users of the K-12 School Security Guide (3rd ed., 2022) develop a basic understanding of what physical security looks like in K-12 schools. The series uses principles outlined in the guide to provide users with the tools necessary to make schools safer, more secure spaces while still achieving their educational mission and maintaining a positive school climate.


The introduction video provides an overview of the concepts and tools featured throughout the companion video series.

Module 1: Why Take This Course?

Module 1 discusses the benefit of taking this course and introduces the systems-based approach to layered physical security.  

Module 2: Analyzing Existing Systems and Needs

Module 2 covers three key concepts of school physical security: school physical security strategy; the physical security elements that help detect, delay, and respond to threats; and the physical layers of a school.

Module 3: School Security Physical Planning Process

Module 3 outlines the five steps of the school physical security planning process, including how to develop a planning team, what data to collect, and necessary analyses.

Module 4: Building a Layered System

Module 4 completes the companion with an in-depth look at the four physical layers discussed in Module 2 and how they work in a layered approach to physical security.

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End users of the K-12 School Security Guide (3rd ed., 2022)
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