2016 SAFECOM Annual Report & 2016 SAFECOM Strategic Priorities: Summary of Accomplishments

By: SAFECOM Governance Committee

Under the leadership of Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald, the SAFECOM Governance Committee developed and published the 2016 SAFECOM Annual Report, detailing a thorough overview of activities, products, and projects completed by SAFECOM members in 2016. Sections of the report review SAFECOM committee products and activities, as well as in-person meeting outcomes.

SAFECOM. Assuring a safer America through effective public safety communications. 2016 SAFECOM Annual Report. Chair: Gerald Reardon. Vice Chairs: Douglas M. Aiken and Mark Grubb. February 2017.

The Committee also developed and published the 2016 SAFECOM Strategic Priorities: Summary of Accomplishments, a quick-read fact sheet of SAFECOM’s 2016 accomplishments, and a look ahead to SAFECOM’s 2017 priorities. In 2016, SAFECOM committees focused on several areas pertinent to the public safety community, including:

Looking ahead to 2017, SAFECOM identified several areas of focus for the public safety communications community. Funding is a key concern due to the decline in grant funds and lack of support for aging LMR systems. Technology, with concerns related to system failures, P25, ICAM, cyber, encryption, and the migration of the Communications Assets Survey & Mapping (CASM) Tool, also remain high on SAFECOM’s priorities. Finally, SAFECOM will focus on the integration of LMR and long-term evolution (LTE) and increased education, messaging, and clarification on what FirstNet will offer and when it will be available. Both the 2016 SAFECOM Annual Report and the 2016 SAFECOM Strategic Priorities: Summary of Accomplishments were approved during the March 9, 2017, SAFECOM Executive Committee conference call and can be found here.

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