Fiscal Year 2017 Emergency Communications Financial Assistance Programs

Author: Emergency Communications Preparedness Center (ECPC) Grants Focus Group (GFG)

Following Fiscal Year 2017 (FY 2017) appropriations, the ECPC GFG worked with federal granting agencies to update the FY 2017 List of Federal Financial Assistance Programs Funding for Emergency Communications Opportunities. The list includes program descriptions, available funding amounts, application deadlines, and links to federal agency websites for additional information. ECPC will continue to maintain and update the list throughout the year.

The updated 2017 list has been posted to the SAFECOM website. Below are some of the new programs featured in the list:

  • Border, Trade and Immigration Homeland Security Research, which will fund projects to address research related to innovative solutions and educational materials to enhance the Nation’s ability to secure borders
  • State Fire Training Systems, which will provide direct training assistance to states to help bridge training and competency gaps within the Nation’s fire and emergency response community

For more information on the list, please visit or contact the ECPC at


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