Resources on Broadband Deployment in Rural Communities

In an effort to consolidate information regarding broadband deployment across the United States into a consolidated, one-stop information sharing website, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) has implemented the BroadbandUSA program. This program promotes innovation and economic growth by supporting efforts to expand broadband connectivity and meaningful use across America. BroadbandUSA serves local and state governments, industry and nonprofits, which need to enhance broadband connectivity. BroadbandUSA serves as a strategic advisor to communities which want to expand their broadband capacity and promote digital inclusion. It brings stakeholders together to solve problems, contribute to emerging policies, link communities to other federal agencies and funding sources, and address barriers to collaboration across agencies. BroadbandUSA provides information on resources (publications, services, funding and non-funding programs), news (news releases, cross-posted blogs), events (webinars, workshops), and publicly available products (permitting policies, agency points of contact).

 The resources located on the BroadbandUSA program website will help state’s efforts in deploying broadband in support of operability and interoperability of emergency communications, as well as overall economic development which broadband supports. 

 The website address is  If there are any questions regarding the BroadbandUSA program, please contact the program at