SAFECOM Membership

SAFECOM is one of the first organizations to bring together representatives from public safety associations as well as emergency responders in the field. Its membership includes more than 60 members representing federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial emergency responders, and major intergovernmental and national public safety associations. Below is a list of SAFECOM members and the organizations and associations they represent.

2022 SAFECOM Executive Board

SAFECOM's Executive Board serves as SAFECOM's leadership group and the primary resource for access to public safety stakeholders and policymakers.

  • SAFECOM Chair: Chief Gerald Reardon
  • SAFECOM First Vice Chair: Deputy Chief Chris Lombard
  • SAFECOM Second Vice Chair: Chief Jay Kopstein
  • Governance Committee Chair: Major George Perera
  • Education and Outreach Committee Chair: Michael Davis
  • Funding and Sustainment Committee Chair: Lloyd Mitchell
  • Technology Policy Committee Chair: Phil Mann
  • SAFECOM Board Member: Chief Douglas M. Aiken
  • SAFECOM Board Member: Captain Anthony Catalanotto (Ret.)
  • SAFECOM Board Member: Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald
  • SAFECOM Board Member: Charlie Sasser

SAFECOM Membership

Membership Associations and Organizations

SAFECOM's membership includes representatives from a wide array of public safety associations and organizations.

*denotes primary member

SAFECOM Public Safety At-Large Members

All at-large members represent a relevant discipline within the public safety community.

  • Stark County Sheriff's Office, Ohio (Darryl Anderson, Interoperable Communications Specialist)
  • Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency, Oregon (Mark Buchholz, Executive Director)
  • Miami-Dade County, Florida (Cindy Cast, Radio Systems Manager)
  • Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Communications and Interoperability Working Group, New York (Captain Anthony Catalanotto (Ret.), Member)
  • Ulster County 9-1-1 Emergency Communications, New York (Michael Davis, Emergency Services Dispatcher)
  • Merrionette Park Fire Department, Illinois (Len Edling, Fire Chief)
  • City of Tulsa, Oklahoma (Mark Hogan, Director of Asset Management)
  • Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Communications and Interoperability Working Group, New York (Chief Jay Kopstein, Co-Chair)
  • Idaho Office of Emergency Management (Brent Larson, Operations Branch Chief)
  • Kalispel Tribal Public Safety Department, Washington (Tom Ling, Operations Specialist/EMT)
  • Seattle Fire Department, Washington (Deputy Chief Chris Lombard)
  • Texas A&M University, Texas (Walt Magnussen, Director of Technology Evaluation Center)
  • Orleans Parish Communication District, Louisiana (Tyrell Morris, Executive Director) 
  • Utah Department of Health (Paul Patrick, Division Director)
  • Miami-Dade Police Department, Florida (Major George Perera)
  • City of Cambridge Fire Department, Massachusetts (Chief Gerald Reardon, Senior Advisor, Retired Fire Chief)
  • Port of Houston Authority, Texas (Colin Rizzo, Emergency Manager)
  • Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (J.M. Rowe, Communications Coordinator)
  • Wireless Information Network, Arkansas (Penny Rubow, Program Manager, Arkansas SWIC)
  • City of Chelsea, Massachusetts (Steve Staffier, Director of Emergency Management/Emergency Communications)
  • Goodhue County Sheriff's Office, Minnesota (Captain Chad Steffen, Communications)
  • New Hampshire Department of Safety, New Hampshire (John Stevens, SWIC/SPOC)
  • Connecticut Capitol Region Council of Government (Keith Victor, ESF-2 Chair)
  • Nez Perce Tribe, Idaho (John Wheaton, Emergency Management Planner)
  • Phoenix Fire Department, Arizona (Captain Cody Worrell)
  • State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Connecticut (Scott Wright, Telecommunications Engineer, Connecticut Deputy SWIC)

National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC) Council Members

  • Brad Stoddard (NCSWIC Primary Representative, Michigan SWIC)
  • Karla Jurrens (NCSWIC Alternate Representative, Texas SWIC)
  • Penny Rubow (Program Manager, Wireless Information Network, Arkansas SWIC)
  • John Stevens (New Hampshire Department of Safety, New Hampshire SWIC/SPOC)

SAFECOM Federal Members

SAFECOM's membership includes representation from government agencies.

SAFECOM Membership Applications

Please complete the appropriate application below and submit to

Applications are reviewed annually in the Fall. 

SAFECOM Membership Application Form for Associations

SAFECOM Membership Application Form for At-Large Members


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