SAFECOM Committees

The SAFECOM Committees are long-term, standing groups with sustained focus on particular committee topics, such as governance or the sustainment of emergency communications funding. The SAFECOM Executive Committee (EC) members act as chairs of the committees. The SAFECOM committees meet monthly to develop products and share best practices for the emergency communications community. The current SAFECOM Committees are:

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee focuses on emergency communications governance, including governing processes and structures internal and external to SAFECOM. This includes management of and modifications to organizational documents, such as the SAFECOM Charter and Strategic Plan. As recommended in the 2014 NECP, the Committee will update governance structures and processes to address the evolving operating environment, review SAFECOM initiatives, and identify best practices and lessons learned. Please visit the Governance Resource Page to review the governance materials developed by the Committee.

Education and Outreach Committee

The Education and Outreach Committee promotes the role of SAFECOM and its impact on public safety communications nationwide through attendance at relevant public safety conferences and the continued publication of blog posts, newsletters, and SAFECOM Monthly Bulletins. In addition to strategizing methods and platforms to best communicate SAFECOM’s mission, goals, and priorities, the Committee is responsible for auditing the SAFECOM website to improve accessibility and information sharing. Please visit the About SAFECOM Page to review the SAFECOM Introduction Presentation and the SAFECOM Fact Sheet that were developed by the Committee.

Funding and Sustainment Committee

The Funding and Sustainment Committee concentrates on identifying innovative ways to sustain current programs, activities, and roles pertinent to stakeholders at the state, territorial, tribal, and local levels as well as providing input toward lead funding sources and appropriations. The Funding and Sustainment Committee and associated working groups are joint efforts in coordination with the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC). Please visit the Funding and Sustainment Resource Page to review the funding and sustainment materials developed by the Committee.

Technology Policy Committee

The Technology Policy Committee  promotes the use of technologies, resources, and processes related to emergency communications and interoperability. Specifically, the Technology Policy Committee will continue to support Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems, promote broadband technology and deployment, and work with Federal partners to further various technologies within the emergency communications ecosystem (e.g., Next Generation 9-1-1, alerts and warnings).  The Technology Policy Committee is a joint committee with NCSWIC. Please visit the Technology Resource Page to review the technology materials developed by the Committee.

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