Resilience Series Graphic Novels

Disinformation is an existential threat to the United States, our democratic way of life, and the critical infrastructure and functions on which it relies. CISA’s Resilience Series (of which Real Fake is its first graphic novel) communicates the dangers and risks associated with dis- and misinformation through fictional stories that are inspired by real-world events.

CISA encourages everyone to use care when consuming information they receive or come across. Practicing media literacy—including verifying sources, seeking alternative viewpoints, and finding trusted sources of information—is the most effective strategy in limiting the effect of disinformation.

The Resilience Series highlights the importance of evaluating information sources to help individuals understand the risks from foreign influence operations on our society and democracy.

Graphic Novel: Real Fake

First in the series, Real Fake demonstrates how threat actors capitalize on political and social issues (especially around election cycles) to stealthily plant doubt in the minds of targeted audiences and steer their opinion.

Readers follow protagonists Rachel and Andre as they discover that a command center in Russia is using a network of troll farms to spread false narratives about elections to American voters. With the elections coming up, Rachel and Andre follow the trail of synthetic media and stop the cyber assailants from causing chaos, confusion, and division.

Graphic Novel: Bug Bytes

Second in the series, Bug Bytes demonstrates how threat actors use social media and other communication platforms to spread inaccurate information for the sole purpose of planting doubt in the minds of targeted audiences to steer their opinion.

Readers follow protagonist Ava, a graduate, who uses her wits and journalism skills to uncover a disinformation campaign set to damage Fifth Generation (5G) critical communications infrastructure in the United States. 

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