Autonomous Vehicle Security

 ​​​​​Autonomous vehicles (AV) are connected cyber-physical systems designed to improve the movement of people and goods across the country. This rapidly evolving technology relies on a complex system of systems to transmit and interpret data enabling safe operation. As connected devices, AV technology may also introduce new security risks and increase threats to sensitive information and public safety. Effectively managing risk in this evolving hybrid-threat environment requires close and consistent collaboration between cybersecurity and physical security professionals.

Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Trucking, mass transit, and last-mile delivery services are among the first to adopt autonomous ground vehicles (AGV) and multiple states are conducting testing on public roads to ensure their safe integration. While AGV technology offers benefits to organizations and communities, there are inherent risks. These early adopters may be increasingly vulnerable to attacks resulting in data breaches, supply chain disruptions, property damage, financial loss and injury or loss of life.

To understand and address the threats to AGVs, CISA developed the Autonomous Ground Vehicle Security Guide: Transportation Systems Sector to provide organizations with information to enhance awareness of current AGV systems, a new taxonomy to characterize cyber-physical threats related to AGVs and recommended strategies to mitigate security risks at both the enterprise and asset levels.

For more information and to access the guide, visit: Autonomous Ground Vehicle Security Guide: Transportation Systems Sector (pdf, 724 KB)

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