CISA Releases New Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program Service Offerings Guide (TA-SOG) Version 7.0

CISA is delighted to publish the ICTAP Technical Assistance Service Offerings Guide (TA-SOG) Version 7.0 to assist public safety and first responders in enhancing interoperable communications. The TA-SOG serves as an overview of the technical assistance program that CISA offers to State, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) partners across the country. 

New content in version 7.0 includes an expansion of virtual technical assistance offerings, a comprehensive suite of Cybersecurity offerings, an updated All- Hazards Communications Unit Awareness Overview, the newly refreshed Communication Assets Survey and Mapping (CASM) Tool to modernize and simplify the user interface with modern web browser framework technologies, making it more intuitive for users and making workflows more efficient, and the addition of a cybersecurity focus area to the Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan (SCIP) Workshop.

With the new evergreen TA-SOG, requests for TAs are no longer tied to a fiscal year or limited in number of requests made by states/territories. CISA TA offerings are provided to all states and territories and Native American and Alaska Native tribes at no cost. There are no submission deadlines that must be met. When a TA need is identified, a TA request may be submitted at any time throughout the year to meet interoperability requirements.

An electronic PDF version of the TA-SOG and the TA request form can be viewed and downloaded on the CISA/SAFECOM website at: