Infrastructure Security Month

2021 Infrastructure Security Month, Infrastructure Security and Resilience: Build It In

Infrastructure Security Month 2021
“Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience: Build it In”

Each November is celebrated as Infrastructure Security Month (ISM). This is the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) annual effort to educate and engage all levels of government, infrastructure owners and operators, and the American public about the vital role critical infrastructure plays in the nation’s wellbeing and why it is important to strengthen critical infrastructure security and resilience.

Throughout Infrastructure Security Month, CISA  highlights how, as a nation, we have travelled a great distance in infrastructure security, while also experiencing a significant shift in the threat landscape over the past several years.  

Infrastructure Security Month 2021 focused on the umbrella theme “Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience: Build it In” as a reminder to all audiences how important it is to consider infrastructure security and resilience from design concept all the way through development and implementation. 

On October 29, 2021, the White House issued a Presidential Proclamation declaring November as Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month.

 In the Proclamation, President Joe Biden states:

 “Threats to the critical infrastructure that we all depend on, which underpins our economic and national security, are among the most significant and growing concerns for our Nation, including cyber threats, physical threats, and climate threats…We must do everything we can to safeguard and strengthen the systems that protect us; provide energy to power our homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, and vehicles; maintain our ability to connect; and ensure that we have reliable access to safe drinking water.”

 During November, check out our Infrastructure Security Month resources to learn more about how you can help CISA in our role to protect and secure one of the nation’s greatest assets – infrastructure.

Each week throughout November, we highlighted a different way to think about how we build in critical infrastructure security and resilience. 

  • Week 1 (November 1-7): Interconnected and Interdependent Critical Infrastructure: Shared risk means building in shared responsibility.
  • Week 2 (November 8-14): Plan for Soft Target Security: Build in security for mass gatherings starting with your planning.
  • Week 3 (November 15-21): Build Resilience into Critical Infrastructure
  • Week 4 (November 22-30): Secure our Elections: Build resilience into our democratic processes.

As such, during Infrastructure Security Month 2021, we asked every stakeholder to: 

  • Remember if you share risk, you must also share the responsibility to reduce that risk.
  • Reevaluate your preparedness plans on securing public gatherings and make sure they are up to date with the latest techniques and tactics.
  • Consider ways to make resilience part of the design when upgrading or building new critical infrastructure.
  • Help people understand and identify misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracies appearing online related to election security COVID-19, 5G, or other infrastructure-related issues. 

Join us and take action to ensure our critical infrastructure is safe, secure, and resilient. 

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Additional Resources

  • Infrastructure Security Month Toolkit
    Infrastructure Security Toolkit (pdf, 2.7 MB).
  • A Guide to Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
    The U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) developed “A Guide to Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience” guide to serve as an overview of the U.S.  all-hazards approach to critical infrastructure security and resilience.  It is intended for both for domestic and international partners. 
  • Pragmatic Cyber Security WebinarsThe Pragmatic Cyber Security series is sponsored by CISA’s Cybersecurity Division’s Vulnerability Management subdivision, which works to provide cybersecurity guidance, assistance, and support to organizations across the nation working to manage, prevent and respond to cybersecurity risks. The series includes six webinars that highlight the challenges faced by owners/operators of critical infrastructure and national critical functions, and addresses how CISA is working with to them to overcome these challenges and reduce risk to their operations.
  • Podcast - In a recent episode of The Daily Scoop podcast, CISA’s Dr. David Mussington discusses the intersection of physical security and cybersecurity across the federal government. Dr. Mussington serves as the Executive Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security at CISA and helps lead the agency’s efforts to secure the nation’s critical infrastructure in coordination with government and the private sector.
  • 5G Educational Videos - Watch CISA’s 5G educational videos to learn more about the agency’s strategy to promote 5G security and resilience; the vulnerabilities and risks associated with 5G; the unique characteristics of 5G low band, mid band, and high band networks; and use cases for how 5G is transforming the way we communicate.

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