Infrastructure Security Month

2019 Infrastructure Security MonthOur American way of life—and the infrastructure that underpins it—is constantly evolving and growing in complexity and connectivity.  These systems support the millions of activities that  people conduct each day to transact business, communicate with friends and family, maintain health and safety, and more.  They also include the venues where people gather to learn, worship, shop or find entertainment—in other words, the heart of our communities.  These are all among the nation’s critical infrastructure systems, and without them, we would not have achieved our high level of national and economic security.  For this reason, we observe Infrastructure Security Month each November.

Infrastructure Security Month is a time to shine a light on the vital role that critical infrastructure systems and places play in keeping the nation and our communities safe, secure and prosperous.  It is also a time to think about how each of us can contribute to the security and resilience of the nation’s most essential services and functions—things like instant access to energy; safe, clean drinking water; reliable transportation; agriculture that supplies plentiful food year around; and even chemicals that are the building blocks of everything from plastics to electronics to fuel. 

Every one of us has a role, whether it is investing in resilience, making preparedness plans—and exercising those plans, or simply saying something when you see something that looks suspicious.

Join us this November and take action to ensure our critical infrastructure is safe, secure, and resilient.

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