Dams Sector Tabletop Exercise Toolbox

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The Dams Sector Tabletop Exercise Toolbox (DSTET) provides dam owners and operators with exercise planning resources to address sector-specific threats, issues, and concerns related to the protection of assets within the Dams Sector. Included in DSTET are five scenarios and associated templates, customizable by the organization, to facilitate an interactive, discussion-based exercise focused on owner and operator response and coordination with other entities during adversarial incidents or potential attacks on their facility. Exercise planners can choose from one of five scenarios—Active Shooter Threat, International Adversary Threat, Cyber Threat (Internal), Cyber Threat (External), and All-Hazards Threat—and tailor the exercise details to match the facility’s operational environment and needs.

Please refer to the DSTET Fact Sheet below for additional information.

The toolbox is available on the Homeland Security Information Network – Critical Infrastructure (HSIN-CI) Dams Portal.


To request access to the toolbox, please contact the Dams Sector Management Team at