ISC Planning and Response to an Active Shooter Guide

Revision Date

The ISC Planning and Response to an Active Shooter Guide provides key ISC guidance for Executive Branch federal departments and agencies on how to plan for and respond to active shooter incidents. This document outlines policy requirements for the development, review, and updating of active shooter preparedness plans, along with the training and exercise(s) that must accompany those plans. Furthermore, it provides recommended guidance intended for use by federal departments and agencies to plan and enhance preparedness for an active shooter incident along the full continuum of prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Topics covered in this document include:

  • ISC Policy
  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • Incident Actions
  • Post-Incident Recovery
  • Resources/Templates

Due to the nature of an active shooter event, this document contains guidance for all who might be involved, including law enforcement agencies, facility tenants, and the public.