Mass Gathering Security Planning Tool

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Mass Gathering Security Planning

This tool provides event planners with a framework to begin or continue planning efforts for a mass gathering or special event and to connect stakeholders to the suite of tools and resources provided by CISA and its partners.

This tool contains a combination of background information, event-planning checklist items, and venue characteristics, as well as suggested planning considerations based on the information entered.

The output of the tool is a report that is downloaded by the user - not submitted to CISA in any way - that outlines existing features at the venue and can inform ongoing collaboration among planning team members, law enforcement personnel, and first responders. Additionally, the output is not meant to identify every possible detail for consideration in a mass gathering plan, but rather to identify an overarching framework for developing sound plans. The resources provided within this tool and in the downloadable report will point planners to credible resources to find best practices related to mass gatherings and event planning.

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