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This training webinar was created by CISA to enhance awareness of, and response to, an active shooter incident.

Preparing employees for a potential active shooter incident is an integral component of an organization’s incident response planning. Because active shooter incidents are unpredictable and evolve quickly, preparing for and knowing what to do in an active shooter situation can be the difference between life and death. Every second counts.

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Below is a pre-recorded version of the event.


  • Discuss the elements of active shooter incident response planning with guidance from expert instructors.
  • Describe common behaviors, conditions, and situations associated with active shooter events.
  • Discuss how to recognize potential workplace violence indicators.
  • Provide information about best practices, communications protocols, and resources that will assist stakeholders to develop or enhance their emergency planning, preparedness, and response to active shooter incidents.
  • Describe how to incorporate key elements of successful incident management into planning efforts including:
    • Communication and Incident Planning for employees
    • Emergency Action Plan Development
    • Recognizing Behavioral Indicators
    • Coordinating with First Responders

Active Shooter Preparedness Webinar Video

The CISA Active Shooter Preparedness Webinar Video and accompanying Presentation Files (attached below) were produced by CISA for the purpose of Active Shooter Preparedness Training and are continuously evaluated for accuracy and relevance. These resources have been released free of charge and are not intended for commercial resale. If the presentation is redistributed from another source, it may contain outdated information. Neither the Department of Homeland Security nor CISA will accept responsibility for actions taken based upon deprecated material.

These webinar materials are used by CISA qualified subject-matter experts as a visual reference to guide critical infrastructure owners and operators with a better understanding of developing an organization’s emergency action plan.


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Training Audience
Corporate and facility security professionals from the private and public sectors, supervisory first responders, human resource managers, community response and liaison officers, health organizations, faith-based leaders, and school administrators
Course Length
2 hours