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Department of Homeland Security Auxiliary Communications Interoperable Field Operations GuideeAUXFOX Mobile App v1.1.1 QR Code

The Auxiliary Communications Interoperable Field Operations Guide (AUXCOM) is now available as the eAUXFOG mobile app on Apple® iOS™ and Google® Android™ devices. The AUXFOG is a technical reference for Auxiliary Communicators supporting public safety emergency communications planning and response.

Easy to Use
The eAUXFOG app gives users easy access to AUXFOG information, offering a content index with shortcuts to reference sections, tables, figures, or images. Navigation links allow users to jump directly to regional quick references as well as bookmark Favorites to develop their own personalized access to critical information for their region.  The eAUXFOG can be downloaded and then taken to the field as an offline reference, to be used without the need of a cellular or data connection.

Get the App
On your mobile device, search for “eNIFOG” on Apple’s App Store or Google Play to download the apps. Or, scan the QR code above.

E-mail help@casm.dhs.gov to get more information, request help, or offer feedback.

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