Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) 15th Anniversary

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program is celebrating 15 years of working with high-risk facilities to enhance the security of dangerous chemicals. As part of this celebration, CISA will be releasing a series of blogs that tell the story of CFATS, from the very beginning to the continued efforts during the COVID pandemic.

Story of CFATS

How It All Began: The History and Making of the CFATS Program

The origins of the CFATS program begin shortly after the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security. Learn more about how the CFATS program was created and developed.

Building a Foundation: Appendix A

Appendix A has been instrumental to the implementation of the CFATS program by helping owners and operators understand their chemical holdings and the security issues that may come with those chemicals. Learn more about how Appendix A, a list of more than 300 chemicals of interest, was developed.

Bringing the Regulation to Life: Chemical Security Inspectors and the First CFATS Inspections

The story of the CFATS program continues by focusing on the glue that holds the CISA Chemical Security program together: its people. Among all of the people it takes to implement the Chemical Security programs, the inspectors based across the country who make up the Chemical Security Inspector (CSI) cadre are as vital to the securing of our nation’s facilities as the security measures themselves.

CFATS 15th Anniversary Videos

Chemical Security Is National Security (YouTube Video)

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the CFATS program. To understand the program, one must understand the risk and why it is important to regulate our nation’s highest-risk chemical facilities. This video features three testimonials on why chemical security is a national security issue and features current and past leadership as well as a chemical security industry partner.

A Regulatory Program with Flexibility – What Makes CFATS Different (YouTube Video)

This video features several testimonials about the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program and how it serves as a model for regulatory programs across the country. Testimonials include members of CISA’s current and past leadership, as well as members of the regulated community. Each shares how CFATS has stood out over the last fifteen years—and why it will continue to do so.

The Global Standard for Chemical Security (YouTube Video)

The CFATS program is the first of its kind. Now in its fifteenth year, those who work for CISA Chemical Security as well as the chemical security industry members with whom they so frequently collaborate are able to share their knowledge across the globe to our allies to ensure that high-risk chemicals stay out of the hands of terrorists not just in the U.S., but across the world. This video features several testimonials from current and past CISA leadership as well as a chemical security industry partner about the global impact of CFATS.

More Than a Job – The People Behind the Program (YouTube Video)

CISA Chemical Security owes much of its success to the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to build strong stakeholder relationships. This video shares testimonials from current and past leadership reflecting on all those who have helped make this program successful over the last fifteen years, from its infancy to where it is now, from headquarters to all fifty states and the U.S. territories.

The Public Private Partnership Model (YouTube Video)

The CFATS program is a regulatory program with broad industry support. Dating back to the early days of the CFATS program, CISA (and its predecessors) have recognized the importance of working alongside industry. This video explains how the public-private partnership model makes CFATS unique within the regulatory space and a model for future programs.

Industry’s Perspective on the Future of CFATS (YouTube Video)

Working alongside the regulated community has been key to the CFATS program’s success over the years. In this video, Matt Fridley, Senior Director for Safety and Security for Brenntag and former chair of the Chemical Sector Coordinating Council, shares his perspective on what needs to happen for the CFATS program to continue its growth.


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