Cybersummit 2020 Day Four: Defending Our Democracy

Reagan said “Democracy is not a fragile flower; still it needs cultivating." Today’s version may say “still, it needs defending.” Threats to our democracy abound and have evolved over the past several years. What elements of our democracy require defense in cybersecurity? What are the various responsibilities and to whom are they assigned? And how do all the disparate parties work together to form an effect defense against those who would do us harm?

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CISA Cybersecurity Summit Moderator: Antonio "T" Scurlock - CISA Deputy Chief Learning Officer

Daily Keynote. Session Participant: Chad F. Wolf - Acting Secretary for Department of Homeland Security

October 7: Elections in the COVID Environment: Managing Risk in a Dynamic Enviroment. Benjamin Hovland - U.S. Election Assistance Commission (Moderator), Michael Adams - Secretary of State (Kentucky), Karen Brinson Bell - North Carolina State Board of Elections, Brian Hancock - SCC Chairman

October 7: Media Panel, Cyber and Elections Beat. Session Participants: Ellen Nakashima - Washington Post (Moderator), Pam Fessler - NPR, Alexa Corse - Wall Street Journal

October 7: Vulnerability Disclosure Policy. Session Participants: Spencer Wood - Secretary of State CIO Ohio (Moderator), Jack Cable - CISA, Chris Wlaschin - Election Systems and Software, Joshua Frankin - Election Assistance Commission, Chloe Messdaghi - Point3 Security

Federal Insights. Session Participants: Jermaine Roebuck - CISA (Moderator), Cynthia W. Kaiser - FBI, David Imbordino - NSA, BG William Hartman - U.S. Cyber Command

Vignette. Session Participant: Maggie Toulouse Oliver - New Mexico Secretary of State, President of National Association of Secretaries of State

Combatting Disinformation and Misinformation in Elections. Session Participants: Olivia Gazis - CBS (Moderator), Alex Stamos - Stanford University, Clint Watts - Foreign Policy Research Institute, George Washington University, Laura Rosenberger - Alliance for Securing Democracy, German Marshall Fund, Jorhena Thomas - American University

2020 Campaign Security. Session Participants: Suzanne Spaulding - CSIS (Moderator), Michael Kaiser - Defending Digital Campaigns, Debora Plunkett - Defending Digital Campaigns, Ginny Badanes - Microsoft, Andrea Holtermann - Google

Closing Capstone. Session Participant: Christopher Krebs - CISA Director

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