Cybersummit 2020 Day Three: Diversity In Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, and IT more broadly, has long been a frustratingly homogenous field.  The lack of diversity hurts us all – those who seek to join us but are excluded, the practitioners whose talents are underappreciated and unrewarded, and society at large which fails the realize all the value of those who can contribute to our efforts.  Progress on diversification is unacceptably slow.  This day starts with an examination of how underrepresented professionals feel about the status quo and finishes with what efforts are being made to drive improvements.


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All Sessions are held in Eastern Standard Time.

Daily Keynote. Session Participant: Judith Batty - Girl Scouts USA


The Personal Perspective. Session Participants: Ron Ford - CISA (moderator), Mike Echols - IACI, Amy Bianchino - FedEx, Laura Galante - Galante Strategies, Ryann Hallback - The Vertex Project.


Vignette. Session Participant: Venice Goodwine - USDA CISO


Entering the Cybersecurity Field. Session Participants: Chris Camacho - Flashpoint and NinjaJobs, Jack Cable - CISA, Kyla Guru - Bits N’ Bytes, Stephanie Aceves - Tanium


Girl Security. Session Participant: Camille Stewart - Board Member, Girl Security


Vignette. Session Participant: Alyssa Miller


The Organizational Perspective: Challenges and Advantages of Creating a More Diverse Workplace. Session Participants: Rick Kempinski  - Partnership for Public Service, Mandy Crawford - Texas DIR, Charles Carmakal - Mandiant


Coming Together: Empathy and Allyship. Session Participants: Josh Corman - CISA/I am the Cavalry (Moderator), Cheryl Biswas, TD Bank, The Diana Initiative, Ayan Islam - CISA, Mark Arnold - Lares Consulting


The Ecosystem Perspective: Diversifying our Talent Pipeline. Session Participants: Toni Benson - CISA, Kendra Parlock - NPower Maryland, Jessica Gulick - Cyberjutsu


Vignette. Session Participant: Corey Thomas, Rapid7 CEO


Daily Capstone. Session Participant: Tonya Ugoretz - FBI

Last Updated Date: September 30, 2020

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