Learn: Key Takeaways

Key Points:

  • Individual infrastructure assets are only as important as the ultimate function they help provide to a community.
  • The critical functions provided by infrastructure systems, as well as the dependencies that exist within and between those systems should be considered.
  • Infrastructure systems are highly interconnected, and disruption in one system may have cascading impacts that affect a range of other critical systems.

This section has provided an overview of some of the critical services provided to communities by critical infrastructure systems, as well as common dependencies these systems have. Planners and emergency managers are encouraged to take a functional, system-based approach when considering critical infrastructure. A strong understanding of community functions, critical infrastructure, and dependencies can help planners identify strategies and projects to reduce their risk and make better investments in resilience.

In the next section we will address steps that planners can take to identify dependencies and critical infrastructure resilience issues and integrate them into their planning.





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