Marine Transportation System Resilience Assessment Guide

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The Marine Transportation System Resilience Assessment Guide (MTS Guide) integrates partner agency expertise and experience, available information sources, methodologies, and datasets into a repeatable, step-by-step framework for conducting resilience assessments within the maritime domain. The MTS Guide serves as uniform guidance on assessing the resilience of ports, through advanced methods such as Bayesian Network Analysis.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the PDF document contains formulas with character encoding that may not be fully accessible to screen reader software; however, text descriptions for each formula have been included to ensure that users with disabilities can access the content. While CISA has taken steps to make this document as accessible as possible, we recognize that it may not fully meet accessibility standards. If you require assistance with any elements in this document, please contact us at

The MTS Guide Executive Summary serves as a condensed version of the MTS Guide, emphasizing its most relevant content, highlighting advanced analysis from case studies, providing real-world applications, and guiding users by summarizing and directing them to the Guide's key points.

It is important to note that while the MTS Guide Executive Summary provides an overview, it is not intended to replace the comprehensive insights and analysis put forth in the MTS Guide; rather, it serves as a valuable tool to facilitate decision-making for individuals seeking a streamlined understanding of the Guide's core aspects.

The MTS Resilience Assessment Resource Matrix (RARM) referenced in the MTS Guide is a web-based library of over 100 off-the-shelf tools, methods, data sources, and other useful resources from various government agencies, research labs, industry, and academic institutions.  The MTS RARM has a built-in filtering capability that allows MTS Guide users to identify analysis resources most suitable to the scope, complexity, and objectives of their maritime system assessment project.

Access the MTS RARM library of resources