PTS Dialer App for GETS and WPS


The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Priority Telecommunications Services “PTS Dialer” app provides a streamlined way of making priority calls. The PTS Dialer provides easy access to the following services:

  • Wireless Priority Service (WPS) – priority calling when cellular networks are congested
  • Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) – priority calling when landline networks are congested
PTS Dialer App graphic


  • Easy to use in emergency conditions
  • Significantly reduces user dialing errors
  • Speeds up calling process
  • Offers choice of call type: WPS, GETS, or WPS+GETS

Key Features 

  • User interface optimized for one-hand operation
  • GETS PIN is stored on the phone to increase security
  • Recents provides a log of latest calls made from within the app
  • Frequent Calls displays most often called numbers using the app
  • WPS/GETS Test Call is conveniently located at the top of the Frequent Calls

WPS subscribers should check their phone settings to ensure that LTE voice (also known as HD voice or Advanced Calling) is enabled, and if necessary, check with their carriers for availability. In the case of government- or organization-issued phones, this may require your IT department/account rep to authorize the change.


PTS Dialer supports iOS versions 13.0+ and Android versions 11.0+

Installation Instructions

Note: Please contact your IT department if there are organizational restrictions on installing apps.

  1. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “PTS Dialer.”
  2. Download, install, and open the app.
  3. If you are a GETS user:
    • Tap the menu (3 dots in the upper right) and choose Settings.
    • Enter your GETS PIN in the field and tap outside the box to save.
    • Make a test call when prompted to verify your GETS PIN.
  4. To verify your WPS service, place a WPS call using the app.
    • If the call fails, please contact 24-hour User Assistance at 1-800-818-4387.

More Information

More information can be found in the PTS Dialer Document Suite line of reference materials.