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Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) is a White House-directed emergency telephone service provided and managed by CISA. GETS provides subscribers with priority access and prioritized processing in the local and long-distance segments of landline telephone networks. Subscribers are issued a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that assigns priority status to calls in service provider networks when used. Physical GETS cards and usage guides are issued to all subscribers for easy reference. Calls made with GETS overcome network congestion and/or degradation and complete with a success rate of 98%. GETS calls do not preempt calls in progress or deny the general public’s use of the telephone network.

GETS Benefits:

  • Versatile: GETS can be used with Landline, Cellular (across all nationwide cellular networks), and Satellite phones as well as Fax. 
  • Hassle-free: GETS does not require additional hardware.
  • No cost: There is no charge to GETS subscribers for enrollment or use.
  • Customer-focused: Comes with 24-hour User Assistance at 1-800-818-4387.
  • Resilient: GETS can be used with Wireless Priority Services (WPS) to maximize call completion. 

Easy Priority Calls for GETS

 The PTS Dialer App automatically uses the GETS access numbers and the subscriber's PIN to streamline placing a call during times of emergency or network degradation.  

To learn more, see the PTS Dialer App page. 

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GETS Resources

Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) offers a compilation of Wireless Priority Service (WPS) and Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) forms and related reference materials.

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For additional information, visit the Priority Telecommunications Services page.

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