Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP)


Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program, managed by CISA, which mandates that service providers prioritize voice and data circuits provisioning and restoration requests made by organizations with national security and emergency preparedness missions.

TSP Provisioning

Organizations request provisioning priority when circumstances require installation of new voice and data circuits faster than a service vendor's normal process allows. This can be an immediate installation following an emergency or an installation by a specific date, also known as an essential provisioning.

TSP Restoration

Organizations request restoration priority when existing critical voice and data circuits require priority restoration before non-TSP authorized circuits. Restoration priority helps minimize the duration of service interruptions that may have an adverse effect on the supported essential functions. To receive priority treatment, organizations must request TSP restoration priority on circuits before a service outage occurs.

TSP Resources

Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) offers a collection of forms and related reference documents.

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