Technical Assistance and Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan Workshop Requests Cycle Open

Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program (ICTAP) is kicking off the FY2018 Technical Assistance (TA) and Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan (SCIP) Workshop requests cycle.  To support this annual event the ICTAP Branch has updated the FY2018 TA/SCIP Guide and it is currently posted on the SAFECOM website on the Resources page.  All Statewide interoperability Coordinators (SWICs) are encouraged to review the Guide and request the TA services that will assist them in achieving their respective interoperability goals.  SWICs can use the fillable TA/SCIP Workshop request for that is posted along with the Guide on the SAFECOM website.

New this year – OEC/ICTAP is offering an enhanced SCIP workshop that incorporates the following components:  Governance, Technology, Funding Sustainability, Strategic Goals & Implementation Planning and Evaluation/Progress Management.

OEC/ICTAP has identified the following priority TA offerings that support evolving interoperability procedures and technologies:  Communications Unit (COMU) Policy and Planning, COMU Assistance under Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) and Alerts and Warnings.

Requests for an Enhanced SCIP or any of the Priority TA offerings will not count against the annual allotment.  As in previous years, SWICs do not have to submit all five requests at the same time and requests may be customized to meet specific interoperability challenges.

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