Situational Awareness and Incident Response

The Situational Awareness and Incident Response (SAIR) program provides federal enterprise awareness and incident response capabilities through Blanket Purchase Agreements setup for quick access to products and services that address gaps in the long-term security posture of the federal government. SAIR tools and practices complement existing programs by providing viable solutions that ensure consistent implementation of security standards across the government.

Specifically, the SAIR program provides:

  • Affordable alternatives for smaller agencies to be served by a larger agency to assist with information security without the large cost to maintain the capability locally;
  • A uniform service approach, as the work will be mapped to a standard method for conducting the activity--thus improving the consistency across government;
  • Aggregate requirements for tools and services, offering a choice of solutions to meet specific needs or proven practices; and
  • Shared experience among agencies, with a product or service prior to making purchasing decisions


This suite of SAIR security solutions is designed to provide better cybersecurity protection to local, tribal, state, and federal governments.

These products were developed as a direct result of cross-government collaboration efforts help identify and define requirements for baseline configuration management, network mapping/path discovery, and vulnerability management.

SAIR Tier I security solutions have been awarded under the General Services Administration's (GSA) SmartBuy program and are available currently on GSA Advantage or on GSA's updated e-Buy system.

Network Mapping and Discovery Provides:

  • Asset Management
  • Rogue Asset Detection
  • Physical Inventory Maintenance
  • Software License Inventory

Vulnerability Scanning Provides:

  • Software Flaw Scanning
  • Patch Scanning
  • Software Flaw Database
  • Patch Remediation
  • Patch Enforcement

Baseline Configuration Management Provides:

  • Configuration Scanning
  • Mis-configuration Database
  • Policy Framework
  • Mis-configuration Remediation

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