2021 Virtual Hiring Events

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is the Nation’s risk advisor. CISA boasts a cyber workforce that encompasses the skills required to build, secure, operate, defend, and protect technology, data, and resources; conduct related intelligence activities; enable future operations; and project power in or through cyberspace.

CISA’s 2021 calendar is full of online hiring events where job seekers can interact with CISA representatives in a live, virtual environment. Click through below to learn more about the different openings available within CISA, which are grouped by cyber skill community. Opportunities will vary by event, so make sure to review the updated list of positions prior to each event. You can also learn more about the cyber work roles and competencies available at CISA, review all of CISA’s current job announcements, and update your resume


Cross Functional Skill Community

Within CISA’s cyber workforce, the Cross Functional skill community must lead, acquire, and manage cyber initiatives, programs and projects; develop cyber policies and strategies; and develop cyber workforce talent. 

Click here to see the list of available positions in the Cross Functional skill community.


Information Technology (IT) Skill Community

Within CISA’s Cyber Workforce, the IT skill community must design, build, configure, operate, and maintain IT, networks, and capabilities. This includes actions to prioritize portfolio investments; architect, engineer, acquire, implement, evaluate, and dispose of IT as well as information resource management; and the management, storage, transmission, and display of data and information.

Click here to see the list of available positions in the IT skill community.  


Cybersecurity Skill Community

Within CISA’s Cyber Workforce, the Cybersecurity skill community must secure, defend, and preserve data, networks, net-centric capabilities, and other designated systems by ensuring appropriate security controls and measures are in place, and taking internal defense actions. This includes access to system controls, monitoring, administration, and integration of cybersecurity into all aspects of engineering and acquisition of cyber capabilities.

Click here to see the list of available positions in the Cybersecurity skill community.


Cyber Intel Skill Community

Within CISA’s cyber workforce, the Intel (Cyber) skill community analyzes data and information from all sources to conduct preparation of the environment, assess cyber vulnerabilities, respond to requests for information, and submit intelligence collection and meaningful insights in support of planning and operations.

Click here to see the list of available positions in the Cyber Intel skill community, including work role requirements and descriptions.


National Risk Management Center (NRMC)

CISA collaborates with stakeholders, both public and private to better understand future threats. CISA’s security and risk analysts work to build a complete systemic risk picture within and between key critical infrastructure sectors, filling the gap where no one sector has complete information to detect emerging risk conditions. This enables all stakeholders to move beyond simply sharing threat information and instead advance efforts to manage risk in a targeted and prioritizes manner.

The National Risk Management portfolio includes the Supply Chain Risk Management, National Critical Functions, election security, 5G, the Pipeline Cybersecurity Initiative, and cross sector risk management. If you like to collect, collate, and analyze information, this mission is for you!

Click here to see the list of available positions within NRMC, including work role requirements and descriptions.

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