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2021 Virtual Hiring Events

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) boasts a cyber workforce that encompasses the skills required to build, secure, operate, defend, and protect technology, data, and resources; conduct related intelligence activities; enable future operations; and project power in or through cyberspace.

CISA’s 2021 calendar is full of online hiring events where job seekers can interact with CISA representatives in a live, virtual environment. Click through below to learn more about the different openings available within CISA, which are grouped by cyber skill community. Opportunities will vary by event, so make sure to review the updated list of positions prior to each event. You can also learn more about the cyber work roles and competencies available at CISA, review all of CISA’s current job announcements, and update your resume

Check back for a list of positions to be marketed at our next event on May 12, 2021!



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