How CISA is Building a Future for Women in Cyber


What is the future of women in cyber?  

As the nation’s first cybersecurity agency, one of our top goals from the starting gate has been to increase the representation of women and men of all backgrounds throughout the CISA workforce

Cindy M, a cybersecurity analyst explains, “Being a part of the CISA workforce means being a part of a high visibility, high impact team, and a leader in the cyber and infrastructure space. I love being a part of an agency that can have the impact I want to see in the nation and the world.” 

Since CISA was established in 2018, women have served across a spectrum of technical roles at the agency, including leading a team that drafted the Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future, planning and analysis that supports the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, supporting election security efforts, developing recommendations for protecting High Value Asset (HVA) systems across the federal government, and supporting internal diversity and inclusion programs.  

“Cybersecurity drew me in as an exciting field where my desire to continuously learn, my interest and fascination in tech, and my passion for diversity and inclusion merged. I wanted to be a part of an industry where I could make a difference both in advancing tech and security and revolutionize the field by bringing a diversification of demographics, skill sets, and walk of life,” continued Cindy. 

Cyber threat actors come from all backgrounds, and so we must maintain a workforce of analysts, leaders, and threat hunters who can utilize their unique perspectives and backgrounds to hunt these threats with precision.  

Furthermore, a diverse and talented workforce can more effectively reach a diverse nation in need of our critical resources. People of all backgrounds must be able to utilize, understand, and access our key resources like cyber tips and essentials for small businessesschool safety and security, and emergency communications.  

An agency built upon diverse backgrounds and ideas will ensure CISA can reach all Americans. 

It is important to note that we cannot do this alone. That is why we are pleased to be a part of a larger chorus of organizations around the world who work to close the gender gap by connecting and supporting women in cybersecurity. These organizations enable women to join groups, attend conferences, further their education, and explore new possibilities in cybersecurity.  

We are actively building our partnerships with leading organizations whose mission is to encourage more women in tech. By working together on this shared mission, we can more quickly realize our goal of operating with a powerhouse of diverse talent.  

Women’s History Month should serve as a clarion call for women to bring their leadership skills and unique perspectives to roles across all fields – especially those roles in which women have been historically underrepresented. 

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This March, and every month, we honor women who paved the way by continuing to grow their force in numbers at CISA for future generations to come. Our nation depends on it. 

Stay tuned for Part II of our blog series highlighting the future of women at CISA. We will share the many opportunities for women to connect with our hiring managers and recruiters, as well as how we can empower the next generation of women in cyber!