Be Vigilant Training Video Series

The Be Vigilant Training Video Series are instructional videos that raise awareness about common everyday items that can be used as bomb-making materials. Retail employees and store managers are the first line of defense in spotting and reporting suspicious purchases, activities and behaviors. All videos are free to view on YouTube.

  • Vigilant Neighbor: Focuses on suspicious activity occurring in a neighborhood. A young woman had observed several instances of suspicious activity and remembers these events after her memory is refreshed from the news playing on the television. The video portrays the outcomes of failing to report suspicious activity after observing it.
  • Vigilant Manager: Continues to follow a bombing event at a local high school, this video guides the audience through the types of unregulated chemicals and bomb-making materials available for purchase in everyday stores, the possible outcomes if those materials are purchased or stolen for nefarious purposes and the possible consequences if proper security measures are not implemented within your storefront.
  • Vigilant Employee: Finishes with the bombers being arrested and broadcasted on the local news. This video walks the viewers through both suspicious purchasing behaviors and suspicious purchasing activities. If the employees had shown the confidence to report the suspicious activity, they could have helped stop the bombing.