The What to Do Training Video Series are instructional videos that communicate the threat posed by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), explain Counter-IED concepts, and demonstrate bombing prevention procedures. The videos show audiences how to react to a bombing attack and deal with a variety of explosive threats such as bomb threats and suspicious items. All videos are free to view on YouTube.

  • “What You Can Do When There Is a Bomb Threat”: Although a bomb threat may seem rare, they happen every day across the nation. Reacting quickly and safely to a bomb threat could save lives, including your own. Download and print the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Bomb Threat Checklist used in this video.
  • “What to Do: Suspicious or Unattended Item”: Demonstrates how you can determine whether an item is suspicious (potential bomb) or simply unattended and will help you prepare and react appropriately
  • “What to Do: Bomb Searches”: Describes basic bomb search procedures to use once the determination has been made that a search is warranted, and authorities have been notified. This video demonstrates in detail, the room, route, and area search techniques that can be applied to any type of facility.
  • “What to Do: Surviving a Bombing Attack”: Describes what happens when a bomb detonates and demonstrates the procedures you should follow to survive a bombing attack. 

What to Do Training Video Series Fact Sheet