List of senior leaders at CISA. For more information about an individual listed, including a biography, click on their name.

Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Brandon Wales (A)

  • Deputy Director (A), Steven Harris
  • Executive Director, Brandon Wales
  • Chief of Staff, Emily Early
  • Assistant Director for Cybersecurity, Matt Hartman (A)
  • Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security, Scott Breor (A)
  • Assistant Director for Emergency Communications, Billy Bob Brown Jr.
  • Assistant Director, National Risk Management Center (NRMC), Bob Kolasky
  • Assistant Director, Stakeholder Engagement Division, Alaina Clark
  • Assistant Director, Integrated Operation's Division, Richard Driggers
  • Chief External Affairs Officer, Kevin Benacci
  • Chief Counsel, Daniel Sutherland
  • Chief Operations Support Officer, Nicole Windham
  • Chief of Workforce Engagement, Dallas Brown
  • Chief Human Capital Officer, Rita Moss
  • Chief Financial Officer, David Hill (A)
  • Chief Information Officer, Samuel Vazquez (A)
  • Chief Information Security Officer, David Epperson
  • Chief Security Officer, Kerry Stewart
  • Chief Privacy Officer, James Burd (A)
  • Chief Technology Officer, Brian Gattoni
  • Chief of Strategy, Policy, & Plans, Joseph Croce (A)
  • Chief Acquisition Executive, Patrice Ward
  • Chief of Contracting Office, Vacant
  • Equal Opportunity Officer, Vacant
  • Chief Learning Officer, Keith Holtermann

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