Region 2: How We Can Help


Region 2 leads and participates in assessments, training programs, exercises, conferences, webinars and presentations to individual stakeholders, and events for schools and private businesses. Each of these events are opportunities for businesses within the region to work with CISA and each other to understand and manage cyber and physical risk to our critical infrastructure.  

For the full list of events, visit the CISA event calendar  


  • News Releases  
  • CISA Blog  
  • CISA Insights – Informed by U.S. cyber intelligence and real-world events, each CISA Insight provides background information on particular cyber threats and the vulnerabilities they exploit, as well as a ready-made set of mitigation activities that non-federal partners can implement. This page is continuously updated to reflect new CISA Insights as they are made available.  

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Learn more about CISA’s vast array of services, tools and guides at the links below.    


  • CISA fact sheet  
  • Federal Grants Program  
  • CISA Services Catalog – A single resource that provides users with access to information on services across all of CISA’s mission areas that are available to federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments; private industry; academia; NGO and non-profit; and general public stakeholders.  


Chemical Security  

Infrastructure Security  


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