Region 3: Who We Are

Covering 127,324 square miles and comprised of heavily populated urban areas as well as mountains, forests, and coastal areas, Region 3’s geography is varied. Natural risks such as flooding, snow and ice storms, and hurricanes pose significant threats to critical infrastructure and the surrounding communities. Adverse human-caused events, such as cyber and physical security attacks, chemical hazards, and shooting and bombing incidents also have lasting and dramatic effects. Regardless of the nature or cause of an incident, CISA Region 3 staff is ready to help partners build resilience and readiness to mitigate risk and to provide response support in the event of an incident.  


Operation Flashpoint encourages businesses and the public to voluntarily report suspicious activities, such as buying large amounts (or small amounts over a period of time) of chemicals and chemical combinations and materials that might be used to build bombs. Operation Flashpoint is active in Region 3 because we and the FBI need your help preventing threats and protecting our communities across the nation.  

The most common password in the country is still 123456. But maybe you’ve taken the time to come up with a password only you’ll know. If someone can guess your password from looking at your Facebook page, you’re probably not as secure as you think. What you need is #MoreThanAPassword! CISA's public awareness campaign teaches each of us how to keep ourselves, our families, and our businesses safe online.

Shields Up! is our new normal! Learn more about protecting national critical infrastructure from malicious cyber activity against the U.S. homeland. Report a cyber incident here.  




    CISA Region 3 Cybersecurity Advisor Jason Schaum; former Chief of Cybersecurity Franco Cappa; Emergency Communications Coordinator Tom Gagnon; and Protective Security Advisors Ken Greeson and Al Frenette at M&T Bank Stadium. Regional Director Bill Ryan addresses a conference in Philadelphia Training and Exercise Coordinator Joey Whitmoyer, Protective Security Advisor Rich Turzanski and Cybersecurity Advisor Derek Mueller in Philadelphia
    CISA Region 3 Cybersecurity and Protective Security Advisors at M&T Bank Stadium. Working together, cybersecurity, protective security, chemical security and emergency communications professionals help stakeholders across the critical infrastructure sectors.

    Regional Director Bill Ryan addresses other federal employees during a conference in Philadelphia focused on securing the energy grid.

    Region 3's Training and Exercise Coordinator, Protective Security Advisor and Cybersecurity Advisor support a training exercise in Philadelphia.


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